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Flyline 110V Step-Down Device

Some of the imported electronic equipments work with only 110V. Since the Indian standard voltage is 240V, we have to bring down the voltage to 110V, if we have to use the imported 110V equipments.If we plug in the imported equipments into 240V power supply point, it will damage the components due to over voltage. So Muricken's Group manufactured and marketed differentcapacity of 110V step down transformers with automatic voltage stabilizer with advanced features to use in Imported equipments. This Voltage reducing device is used for fridges washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners and pressing Irons etc. which are working on 240 volts.

Flyline Online UPS

If you suffer from power fluctuation, this is a complete solution for getting 240V out put power without any variation and interruption.In this system, the load is always connected to the UPS. This UPS works either on rectified mains voltage in case of the mains power is available, or works on battery in case of Mains failure. The rectified mains and batteries are being connected in parallel. This system provides no break of power supply. It works from 12V, 24V or higher voltage battery for providing240V constant out put Voltage even after power failure.Load always is on UPS. It is totally isolated from all power problems like fluctuations, brownouts, spikes, frequencydrifts, etc. It is mainly used for sophisticated equipmentswhich requires un-interrupted power supply to computers, color labs, laboratories, scanning machines, factories, operation theaters at hospitals etc.

Flyline Offline UPS

Power failure is most common in our daily life. In these days an unpredicted power failure can cost a days work and sometimes it can cost the downfall of an empire. To prevent from such a disaster we have developed our off line UPS system with sufficient response time so as not loose any data at any time.In this system, the load is normally on Main power supply. This may be regulated to some extent by an in-built voltage regulator. When Mains power fails, the inverter takes over and supplies power to the load while draining the battery. This is a cheap system for countering the power failure problem

MG Water Chiller

MG Chiller is used to cool water and this water cooler is very useful for soda making, since cold water can absorb more carbon dioxide than room temperature water.

Flyline Tubular Battery

For invertors two types of batteries are commonly used. One type is lead acid battery and the other is concealed battery. Both are tubular type but lead acid batteries are more suitable long life applications. Murickens has developed two types of lead acid batteries.Heat sealed tubular batteries and Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries both in C 20 series. Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries are made with extra cabin capacity for the carriage of more acid that acts as a coolant and it gives more back up time than heat sealed tubular standard battery. For solar inverter applications we prefer lead acid INVA tubular heat sealed batteries in C 10 series.They are more efficient to complete the charging discharging cycle common in solar systems. Our batteries have international quality with ISO standard certification.