Muricken's Group is reknowned as one of the well reputed Flyline Solar UPS system in Kerala. It is fully automatic solar power conditioner capable of working both grid power as well as solar power ( hybrid system ). We have a 15 years experience in production and installation of solar inverter in Kerala.. You must need an advice from experienced technical support before installation, which will help you from unnecessary expenses and get complete solar power consumption. The products manufactured with super quality raw materials so as to assure our customers of our authenticity and reliability. Use of uninterrupted Solar power supply to save money. Normally the ON/OF switch is provided in the front panel.

The solar charger and mains charger selection switch is placed at the rear panel. When the solar charger is active for charging the battery. At this time the inverter will disable mains charger. Our Flyline off-grid inverters are integrated with built in solar charge controllers so it reduces the solar power lose and support maximum efficiency. It is an ideal system for home use to work load like Lights ,Fan TV, Fridge, Iron box , Mixer , Washing machine, Motor pump etc.. Our satisfied clients include prestigious institutions like Karipoor international air port, 7th battalion military camp, ISRO Sreeharikotta, Marine fisheries dept of India,etc


System priority Stage : - solar-battery-grid
• When solar energy is sufficient total out put load will operate on solar Inverter. Excess solar power will charge batteries.
• When solar energy is weak then inverter will take DC source from batteries to compensate the out put load.
• When the battery discharge level reaches 11.2 volt or below, the out put load is shifted to grid and the batteries are charged with the help of solar power only.
• At Day time when each battery becomes 13.5 v the output load again shift to solar Inverter.
• In 48 and above DC volt system of solar inverter - At night or when there is no sunlight the batteries reach 70% discharge level (30 % kept as a buffer) the out put load is shifted to grid without any change over time. (Each battery discharging level become 1.5 v )
• In 12 and 24 volt DC system of solar inverter - At night or when there is no sunlight, the out put load is shifted to grid and the battery back-up is used only when there is a grid failure.
• After shifting the load to grid there is an optional on –off switch ( manual ) to charge the battery from grid up to 13.5 volt .
• At night During changeover of load from battery backup to grid supply (i.e 70 % battery discharged) and if grid supply is absent then load is shifted to solar inverter to use buffer battery backup (i.e balance 30 %)
• By using solar power the solar charger high cut-off is 14.5 V of each battery.